Monday, 4 May 2015

An Experiment in Time -Extract 3

Alex lay in her bed. Glancing at the clock she knew there was no way she would be getting back to sleep before her lecture. Her head reeled with the information which had been thrown at her. She attempted to put it in some sort of order, but no matter which way she looked at it or how she organised it, it was still so incomprehensible.
Turning over she reached for the business card she’d tossed on the nightstand. The simplicity of the design struck her as curious. There was no logo, no design, no decoration. It was a blank white card with two lines of text.
Damian King
01232 657488
The other side of the card was also blank. Alex closed her eyes, her head dropping against her pillow. She had no choice, she knew it, but that wasn’t what was bothering her. Even if she was presented with a choice, her imagination and inquisitiveness wouldn’t have let her rest until she had followed this through. She ran her fingers over the card debating whether to ring now or to wait until morning. There was no doubt in her mind that Damian King would still be awake, more than probably still sat in his office waiting for the phone to ring.
“Oh sod it” Alex swung her legs over the side of her bed and reached for her phone. The card fell from her hand and landed on the wooden floor with a soft click. Alex looked down to where it had landed with a puzzled expression; it had definitely landed with a click, but it was just card, why would it land with a click? Sighing and reaching down once more Alex picked up the card and examined it again, Running her thumb across the back she nearly dropped it again. How had she not noticed it before? There in the very centre of the card was a patch which was raised ever so slightly. She turned it over and confirmed her suspicions. It was directly behind the embossed writing. Very cleverly hidden and essentially invisible unless of course someone happened to have dropped it on a wooden floor.
Alex jumped out of bed, hastily turning on the light as she made her way over to her desk. The desk was strewn with blueprints and drawings from different textbooks, but they were all pushed messily to one side as Alex pulled the magnifying glass over to get a closer look at the card. She rummaged around in her drawer, her eyes never once leaving the card until eventually she pulled out her craft knife and a pair of tweezers. Slowly she ran the blade carefully around three sides of the protrusion, placing the knife down Alex picked up the tweezers before lifting up the flap and extracting the small object. Holding it delicately in the grip of the tweezers Alex examined the mirco-sim from every possible angle. Aside from the fact that it had been concealed so skilfully in a business card there was nothing particularly remarkable about the simcard. Pushing her chair away from the desk Alex reached for her laptop and started up for the machine. Inserting the sim card she let out the breath she didn’t realise she’d been holding in.
The computer whirred into life as the files held on the memory card became visible on the screen. Two files were held on the card; one, a text document and the other, a video file. Clicking on the video file, Alex grabbed a pad and a pen. The time tag said the video was only three minutes long but something in the back of her mind told her it would be three minutes filled with information. A few moments later Damian King’s face flickered on to the screen.
“Hello Alex”
Alex looked up at the screen. She had only met King hours earlier, yet this but this must have been filmed days ago. Slowly she set her pen down.
“I’m glad you’ve found this, it means we have put our trust in the right person. I’m sure you’re processing all the information you’ve received today and I want to thank you for watching this video before ringing the company again.” On the screen King glances around the room before shuffling closer to the camera.
“Actually Alex, the whole point of this clip is to ask you not to ring the number on the card. There is another agency involved, one who I’m afraid are wanting to be involved for the wrong reasons. Now I am not yet clear on their motives but I want to keep them at arm’s length for as long as possible. The other file contained on the memory card is the address I would like you to come to tomorrow at 2pm. Do not call the number on the card. There is a tap on the phones. Don’t call. They’ll think you’re not interested and by the time they’ve figured out you’re on board we should have built up quite the head start. I’m glad we chose you Alex. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
With that the screen went blank.

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