Saturday, 13 October 2012

"Bang and the dirt is gone"

This week has been possibly the weirdest week since we all moved in together at St Ann's Avenue. Now that we all have modes of transport that suitably represent our budgets; Liv in her Red Ford Ka, Emily in her Ginger Suzuki Swift and me on my bike, jokes have started, road rage and parking wars have begun. Liv has already tried to kill me twice on Kirkstall Road and Emily...well, Emily just screams as she goes down the M6 in first gear at 40 mile an hour! Safe to say, I'm keeping my bike!

Thursday saw Emily take the Slogan "Bang and The Dirt Is Gone" quite literally. After falling asleep Liv decided to throw her Laptop down the stairs creating an almighty bang and triggering a very confused Emily to leap out of bed and run down to the Kitchen proclaiming "MY WASHING'S DONE!" before sheepishly returning to her room. Apparently a huge crash does not signal the end of the washing machine cycle.

What can we say about Liv? Well I think its safe to presume she is slowly losing the plot. PGCE is officially destroying brain cells 1 by 1. Watching The Lord of The Rings with her, demonstrated this quite well, when she stated rather loudly that she was going to report Sauron to Leeds City Council for pulling up the trees! If this wasn't bad enough it was shortly followed with the statement that should Legolas be in her class he would most definitely be a Gifted and Talented child. I despair about her sometimes I really do!

This week has seen a number of other revelations such as:

  • Random sentence generators are the greatest form of procrastination ever
  • No matter how hard you try,you will never find Kosher Ham
  • Fairy cakes are made of cake and buns are made of bread
  • The terms "Liv exercises above a Frog" and "The wrist suppresses the hardy grief" is funny in any language, even Elvish
Here's to hoping that next week is a little bit more sane!