Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day 8: Something you are currently worrying about

I worry about everything, all of the time! Far too many of my recent blog posts have been about me worrying about exams and university and the stress of growing up! So I'm not gonna bore you with all that again! Have a look through some of the older posts if you want, but honestly if I were you, I wouldn't you'll just end up depressed and worrying about that crap yourself!

Bit of a cop out blog post today but it was either that or get myself depressed and make people irrationally angry

In other news.....results day in a few days! Totally not worried about that...nope, not in the slightest....not even thinking about it... definitely not getting worried about that...I'm fine...I'm relaxed....Sort of :-/

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day 7: Your opinion on cheating on people

This is a simple one for me.
I wouldn't. Nope, I couldn't. I think it is an awful thing to do, and it never ends well for anybody involved.

Too many people get hurt, people fall out and friendships are ruined. However I understand totally that it happens and in some extreme cases I can even begin to understand why it happened but I, personally, would never cheat.

Call me naive or whatever you want but I'd rather someone broke up with me than to go behind my back and be with someone else. The line is so faint though, and everyone sees it differently, for example; a kiss. Is that cheating? Depends on who you ask right? Depends on who it is with and the context too! Nothing is simple any more. Is it cheating if its spin the bottle, or if you're saving you're mate from the pervy guy on the dance floor by pretending you're together? In my opinion, no. But others might think so! However if there is meaning behind it or you think "Shit...probs shouldn't tell my boyfriend/girlfriend about that one" then yes...chances are me and most of the population would class that as cheating!

Everyone has different ideas about what cheating is and it is such a touchy subject that no one ever really wants to talk about....and for good reason!!!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Day 6: The Person you like and why you like them.

Ooooooh awkward....ahahaha, and guess who will probably be reading this! :-/ best make it good!

Well lets start off with the fact that they know who they are, and therefore I am not naming names...Sorry guys, but gots me a feeling you know as well!

Why do I like you? Dunno really! ahaha, is that too much of a cop out? Guess so.

Main reason...You didn't run away on the first date when I told you I went bird watching with my Dad! (or when you went to the loo and came back and the TV had stuck on Gay Rabbit....IT WAS ACTUALLY STUCK!!)

You are ridiculously easy to get along with! You make me laugh constantly and I can totally be myself round you. Something which is dangerous and scary!! You get on so well with my mates (and I think at times they miss you just as much as I do!) and I guess you like me for me and don't mind spending large quantities of time with me. Also we can perv over Lip Service and The L Word together ;-)

But most importantly....You took me to an All You Can Eat Buffet for my birthday

There are also a LOT of other reasons...but I think you know what they are, so I don't need to say anymore ;-)

Annnnnnd I'm gonna stop because if you are reading this you're probably doing so while massively cringing and hiding behind a slanket....Sorry about that one :-)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Day 5: 5 things that irritate you about the same/opposite sex

Getting into the juicier ones now! Rather that bore you all with 5 points about girls and 5 about boys I'm going be economical and just list 5 things that generally annoy me about people....Yes I am really that antisocial!

  • Girls who bitch about what other girls look like on nights out
    • Seriously love, you're orange and wearing your're not one to judge
  • Guys who spend too long on their hair
    • Baldness is hereditary....if its gonna happen there is nothing you can do to stop it
  • People who can afford to shop in Jack Wills, regularly.
    • Like, seriously!! Who has that kind of money!!! I would if I could
  • Girls who get irrationally angry when you talk to their boyfriends
    • Some people are just genuinely friendly, and want to say thank you to the person who picked up their phone when they dropped does not mean I want to sleep with your boyfriend...really!
  • Guys who get annoyed/woop/make derogatory comments when I kiss my girlfriend in a club
    • Just get over it mate. Its not big and its not clever and quite frankly it just makes me/us want to turn around and smack you in the face. I don't complain when you're grinding against your half naked girlfriend, so you can let me have a little kiss.

Bitchy post over....please leave all anonymous hate in the box below!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 4: What do you wear to bed?

Now this one all depends on what time of year it is! I'm not that adventurous, standard attire is usually a t-shirt and shorts or actual pyjama bottoms if its a bit chilly! Unless of course its Christmas Eve....Every Christmas Eve I always get a new pair of Christmas Pyjamas, usually incredibly funky ones what will undoubtedly match the wrapping paper on Christmas Morning! (true story, check out old facebook photos!) So naturally I'll wear them. Summer is usually a tank top and underwear.

Like I said, not that adventurous. I rarely sleep naked or anything....too paranoid, and in a student house with no locks on doors it can lead to some very trick situations (Miss Thornton!!) 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 3: What kind of Person attracts you?

This is a tricky one because I don't really know! Anyone who knows me will tell you I don't really have a type, but at the same time there are certain things that I do really love in a person.

1. The ability to make me laugh
       - I have a random and sometimes scary sense of humour yet if you can make me laugh, and we can joke around with each other, you're on to a good thing!

2. Being able to put up with my weirdness
       - I am a geek...No point in denying it! I spent my summer after GCSE's teaching myself how to read binary and I have books on serial killers, code breaking and Birds of Britain and Europe. If you're not freaked out by that, you're a keeper!

3. You must be able to handle your drink
       -I am a geordie, and with this great responsibility comes the great power to be able to consume vast amounts of alcohol. You must be able to keep up with me, if not surpass me.

4. Be up for a night out in fancy dress
       - I'm a theatre geek and a camp man trapped in the body of a woman...My costume cupboard is nearly bigger than my wardrobe and if you're not up for getting dressed up with me and heading out in public, you're out!

5. You must be able to get along with my mates
       - My friends mean the world to me and like the Spice Girls once said "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends" and obscure 90's pop references aside, this one is crucial!

So.....there we have it! 5 things I really like in a person :-)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 2: How you have changed over the past 2 years.

I have changed unbelievably over the past two years! The most noticeable thing is that I came out to all my friends and family. I'm incredibly happy with who I am and I have a yeah, think its safe to say I've changed a heck of a lot.

I have changed my mind completely about my plans for the future and now don't have the slightest clue as to what I want to do anymore! (probably not as good as the last one!)

I feel like I am so much closer to my sister (sorry if you don't agree Sarah!) We talk about stuff so much more than what we used to and the arguments are considerably fewer, she has stayed with me a few times since moving to Leeds, something which would have never happened a few years back. She was also the first person I really told about being gay and was really supportive about it.

I am now 21 and two years ago I was only 19....obvious I know but I'm actually running out of things to say :-/

OK, one more. I'm more bothered about me now.This may sound odd but I mean it in the fact that I take better care of myself, I wear better clothes (ssshhh, I do!) I make more of an effort on a night out etc. etc. boring stuff really, but eating healthily and doing more exercise to bed now before any more random waffling comes out of my head and across my keyboard!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 1: Weird things you do when you're alone.

Oh dear... where to start! It pretty common knowledge that I'm a fairly weird individual anyway and most of the random stuff it do, I do it in front of people anyway. So I'll limit it to three!

1: Talk to myself (and other inanimate objects)
            -Including but not limited to: apologising to things when you bump in to them, saying thank you to cash machines. Convincing myself of what to do for the rest of the day and singing...loudly

2: Become irrationally angry with my Xbox
           -I have a love-hate relationship with my Xbox, depending on how I'm doing in the current game...Black Ops however never fails to make me irrationally angry, especially when I'm playing split screen and they beat me!

3: Convince myself that I am destined for broadway
           -I sing....loudly, I dance....badly and I write....better than the other two but still not great! Its never gonna happen but its an awesome dream to have! And if anyone wants a pantomime script for Cinderella I have one you can use ;)

Right, better leave it there before my mates start leaving me!

30 day blog challenge!

Right, in order for me to keep my brain going over the holidays, I have decided to write more; short stories, fanfiction, blog posts (sorry!) etc, etc... Blog topics have always been tricky little buggers to come across and without delving deep into my personal life and history, I find this to be the next best option! A 30 Day Challenge. The idea is to write one post a day...not necessarily a long post...for 30 days, covering a wide range of different topics.

So here is the outline of the next 30 days on my blog! (credit to google)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Gay Marriage and the Church

Recently the subject of gay marriage is being talked about more and more, in fact in this past week alone I have read two blogs around the subject and had a conversation with a guy who is planning on writing his dissertation about gay marriage in the church. Everyone, no matter who they are seems to have an opinion on the subject and I am regularly asked where I stand on the matter of gay marriage in a church and its probably not what you expect!

Before I explain myself though, I want to bring up something which never fails to annoy me. Being told I'm biased. Very often, when this subject is brought up people look to me and say "Yeah, but you're biased" Why though? Because I am gay? That doesn't make me biased! are you bias because you're straight? No. For me, there is no bias! If you're straight and in favour of traditional marriage (I use the word traditional here because I hate the word normal) does that make you biased? If you listen to my point you may actually find yourself agreeing with me! I'm not some crazy, scary, gay person who will militantly defend every viewpoint any gay person has ever made in the history of civilisation! I'm relatively sane and more than willing to listen and take on board viewpoints of others.

Right, back to the main subject:
 Do I think the church (and other religious buildings) should be forced to implement gay marriage?

Not what you were expecting? haha! Personally, I don't believe the church should have to hold marriage ceremonies for same sex couples and I think they have every right to be angry that they are being asked to. The church and the bible are against homosexuality and to me that is perfectly fine for people to believe. Jews wouldn't be asked to start eating Pork products, nor would Muslims be asked to eat food which wasn't halal, so why should the church to go against one of its teachings? What I do believe the church needs to implement is tolerance. It is perfectly acceptable for Christians and other religious people to be against same sex marriages, but that doesn't mean everyone has to stop them! Someone once sent me a link which explained this in a really good way, I can't find the bloody link but it went something like this;

"If your religion forbids you from watching Dr Who on a Sunday evening, that means YOU are not allowed to watch Dr Who on a Sunday evening. It does not mean that EVERYONE should be stopped from watching Dr Who, should I want to watch it I can because I do not follow your religion. Same sex marriage should be the same"

This may be a bit of a daft analogy but I think it puts the whole situation into a very simple context which everyone can understand. Essentially 'marriage' is the union for life of a man and a woman in the presence of God. And in my personal opinion I am very happy for that to stay the same! Keep the name 'Civil Partnership' for same sex couples, call it what you want but the fact is there should be something in place which entitles same sex couples to the same rights as a heterosexual married couple. At the present moment this is not 100% true for Civil Partnerships. For example; In marriage if one partner dies the other is entitle to inheritance and part of their state pension. This isn't same for Civil Partnerships, and this is the issue which need to be addressed, not whether the ceremony should be held in a church or not! I could be with the same woman for 60 years and if, at the end of her life in hospital someone needed to make a decision, legally, I would not have a say in anything. and to me this is the more important than anything else. The concentration should be on striving for equality not forcing the church into holding ceremonies which go against their own teachings!
Another random link I found :-) Backs my point up, but again in a simpler way.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

On Request- Dear Boy I like....

Dear boy I like,

We’ve known each other for the past 5yrs and it breaks my heart to know that this might be the last year we ever work together. I think you know that at one point I did actually have a crush on you, but recently you have become someone I can honestly call a very good friend. I remember the very first time I met you, you made me feel so welcome and did everything to support me in my degree and through Drama, you have given me amazing opportunities and opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of teaching. It is because of you I am doing what I am doing and loving every minute of it. You were the first person who told me to be myself no matter what anyone else thinks and that if I believe in myself I can do anything I want. Thank you for everything, but most importantly, thank you for being you.

Rosie x

Running out of things to write about!

Right, I'm bored and running out of things I can write about as nothing interesting has happened recently, so I am putting my blog in your hands! I found this idea on Tumblr, so pick a category and drop it in the comment box and I'll write the letter....Lets see how this goes!

Dear person who annoys me,
Dear boy I like,
Dear ex bestfriend, 
Dear bestfriend,
Dear mam,
Dear dad,
Dear Santa,
Dear future me,
Dear person I have a crush on.

Feel free to pick your own category...leave anonymously if you wish.....this could be dangerous!

R x