Saturday, 17 March 2012


Words are made to be written down, 
and by being written down they are designed to be read, 
to be shared with the world.
A way to give a voice to your thoughts, 
a way to preserve in history your deepest secrets and darkest fears.
Yet many words, taken from the corners of your mind and the shadows of your heart,
are written down to be kept in secret.
By pouring your soul in to page after page
you can clear them from your mind, 
keep them safe and should you choose too
never look back on them again.
At the same time as preserving them, you can destroy them forever.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Tortoise and the Hare....Geordie Style!

The Tortoise and the Hare

Unfortunately this is not a full blown blog entry. In fact what it actually is, is a shameless plug for a short film I made of the Tortoise and the Hare.

Basically as part of my ICT module at University I was given the task of creating a short film in order to convey a message to children. I chose the Tortoise and the Hare, one of Aesop's fables and built a film around that! Check it out if you ever get bored. Pretty good for a laugh, apparently the word "Tortoise" sound hilarious in my accent!

The Tortoise and the Hare

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Celebrities supporting LGBT rights

About 9 months ago on the Glee Live Tour, Dianna Agron (who plays Quinn) took a stand and wore a t-shirt reading 'Likes Girls' in support of LGBT awareness week. This stunt was apparently not made aware to producers and executives until Dianna actaully walked out on stage wearing it. A few hours after the show ended she released a message via her blog explaining her actions.This post was written by her, not under duress and explained very clearly her views on the whole LGBT issue. Yet all people seem to be concerned about is the fact she wrote the line No, I am not a lesbian, yet if I were, I hope that the people in my life could embrace it whole-heartedly.  Her sexuality is not the issue here. She wore that shirt because she believes that love comes in all forms and not just the “normal” idea of man and woman. You do not have to be gay to love the same sex as she points out. She very clearly states that she loves both the men AND women in her life, and that is a very brave thing to say. Wearing that shirt…actually going out on stage wearing a shirt which was bound to spark a reaction was an incredibly brave thing to do. Now I do not know if the producers and powers that be were informed of her decision to do this but we need to remember that this is her job, it’s her career that she put on the line in order to stand up for a cause she believes in. Her message is strong and it is clear. It strives for acceptance of LGBT rights, that love is a universal right.

Yet all the responses out there are arguments over her sexuality! These petty arguments over who was right and wrong goes against EVERYTHING she has said! It doesn’t matter what label she has been given or has given herself what matters is that her heart is in the right place, that she is perfectly open and accepting of everybody and anybody she meets regardless of their sexual orientation or anything else about them. She says that she loves PEOPLE, all people and this is something more people should do.

So please, read what she has written… All of it. Do not skim read or pick out the bits you want to agree with. I am not forcing you to believe in this and to go out and preach it to the masses and neither is she. But please do not use it to fuel arguments and back up or disprove certain topics and pairings. She wrote this out of love, out of love for all people, she wrote it to raise awareness of LGBT rights and not to allow thousands of fans to eagerly discuss six little words she used in a message about acceptance, understanding and most importantly love.
To her message I would also like to add my own quote and hope that many people will seriously reflect on their own behaviours and values and help to make the world a place where a person can be free to be who they are without the risk of prejudice and hate. Love is love, no matter what form it come in.
For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks…The work for which all other work is but preparation 
- Rainer Maria Rilke

This is the link to what Dianna Agron posted

Geordie Vs Mackems; The Origins of a Lifelong Rivalry

Football rivalry is, in its very essence, intense. No where is this more clear than in a Tyne and Wear derby. This Newcastle V Sunderland rivalry is known worldwide, yet many people are confused as to why. As a black and white blooded Geordie myself, it is not taken light-heartedly when someone calls me a Mackem. Lets start with the basics.

A true Geordie is born within sight of the River Tyne although more liberal Geordies hail from within Newcastle and lower Northumberland (Morpeth, Bedlington, Cramlington and the like). There are many theories on where the term 'Geordie' originates, and although a specific origin cannot be pinned down, the term was most likely coined by miners. Newcastle and Northumbrian Miners used a specific safety light when mining designed by George Stephenson, however when the Davy lamp was introduced, these miners refused to change and stuck true to the George (Geordie) lamp as the rest of the country took on the Davy lamp. Hence adopting the nick name Geordies.

The term Mackem is slightly different as, although many Sunderland residents will use it to identify themselves, it is more commonly used as a derogatory term. Just like the term Geordie, no specific origin of the term can be found, although much reference is made to ship-builders. Ships were made in Sunderland and then sent to Newcastle to be fitted out, leading to Geordie ship builders coining the term "Mak'em and Tek'em" In relation to the Sunderland builders 'Making them' and the Newcastle Ship builders 'Taking them' hence the derogatory undertones of the fitters (Geordies) being more skilled than the builders (Mackems) and having to take the ships from them to finish them off.

Many football rivalries are seen as unnecessary and based on irrelevant histories such as class differences (just look at Inter and AC...a rivalry based on working and upper class) However Tyne and Wear rivalry pre dates football by over 200 years. Without going into too much detail and boring anyone who still happens to be reading this, around the time of the English Civil War and King Charles I, Newcastle took the side of the Crown whereas Sunderland fought on the side of Cromwell and Parliament. This is essentially where the rivalry started. Throughout the years and generations we have moved away from Wars like this but one way or another the tension has stuck, whether rationally or irrationally is up for debate but one way it is still shown is through football. An 'outlet' for all the pent up tension, where fans, supporters, Geordie and Mackems can battle it out to 'Get one over' on the other team. Its been around for nearly 400 years, and its going to be around for a lot longer!

Should you ever come into contact with a Geordie or a Mackem, make sure to ask them where they're from first...Don't make assumptions and if they say they are from Newcastle certainly don't call them a Mackem (or vice-versa). They will not be pleased!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Musings of a sceptical introvert

This weekend and the past few days have certainly put a lot of things into perspective for me. Where to begin...I don't know really, anyone who knows me will know I keep everything very close to my chest, I'm not good with feelings or emotions. I rarely share what is going through my head and even less frequently what is going through my heart. But what I am good with is writing things down, I still keep a diary, I occasionally right on here and as some people found out today I write fanfiction (no I won't tell you which name I write under). These mediums are how I express what I really feel, they are in their essence, the real me. What people (well, most people) see on a daily basis is an illusion, a fabricated person created to fit in with the norms and ideals expected by society. Those who truly know me, and I can count them on one hand, can see past the fa├žade and act portrayed each day to the real me inside. The person who is actually a hopeless romantic, a person who constantly needs reassurance on the slightest little things, and a person who is genuinely terrified of making even the smallest mistake on the most mundane of tasks. 

I try to live my life not wishing I could change things but this is the only exception and today has made me crave this even more so. After nearly two years of writing fanfiction, I let someone very close to me read what I had written, and it was a really, really weird thing to do. I know what people will be thinking, and yes my writings are public and can be viewed very easily, but sitting next to someone, knowing that they are reading something that has come deep from within in me, is for me, opening my self up and laying everything out for the person to see, all the flaws, all the imperfections and all of the deepest, darkest secrets within you. I  have no idea whether this person will ever read this, but if they do maybe it will help to clear up some of the things I struggle to say. I can't do sappy, I struggle with saying how I feel or what I want, which is why I write. Through my writing and my texts I appear confident, fearless, and very sure of what I want and how to get it, yet the real me is shy, scared and decidedly unconfident. Its cowardly, and I know it is, to hide away behind a computer screen or a text message and I wish, I wish more than anything that I didn't, because confidence within a person is a huge turn on for me, someone who can tell me exactly what they want and how they want it, is exactly what I want/love in a person, because it is exactly what I wish I could do.

I know that I have improved so much, since coming to university my life has changed dramatically, and I am more confident. I have learnt to express how I feel and what is going on in my life, but I am nowhere near the confidence levels I wish I had. For me this post is touching the edge of what I feel comfortable with, I don't want to upset or offend anyone, that is the last thing I want to do. Everyone mentioned within this post is hugely important in my life and I hate that I can't say this in another medium, I would love to be able to say this in person to people but I can't...I don't know how too. To put into words verbally is so much more difficult than writing it down. I pour my soul into my writing and I know that with the right encouragement, which I am lucky enough to have in my life at the minute, I will be able to. All I ask for is patience, I try, I really try but for me, some hurdles are just bigger than others, but even the best athlete needs to train to conquer them, and I am training everyday.